Dragon’s Bend Game Report 16

Cullen, Atticus, and Ozric return to the passages beneath the gladiatorial arena. They bring four draug warriors, Sam the ragged claw (birdman with a big snout), and three laborers carrying tools and gear.

Before returning to the grand staircase in the temple entrance of the hypogeum, the party decides to investigate the tunnel they excavated in the gladiatorial arena.

Play map using Rocketbook Snapcast as a Virtual Table Top. This is the area they explored through the whole session. I drew in the room or passages as we went along. Simple but effective.
  • The party enters down the ramp and sees a number of passages and gates blocking progress.
  • The gates are hinged. They can swing in any direction and there is hardware on the wall that latches them in place. The mechanisms are old and rusty but functional.
  • Cullen discovers a clay golem that appears to be deactivated. It is trapped inside of a workshop that has been smashed up. He spies a tome on the ground next to a smashed workbench.
  • The party looks at rooms further along.
  • Come to a gate across the passage. There are bones. They seem to have been cut or chopped up by something big.
  • The rooms appear to be holding areas for beasts that fought in the gladiatorial arenas.
  • The party comes across a giant crab. It has runes inscribed into the shell. When Cullen hits it with his sword, it is ineffective and the shell sounds hollow. They run and close the gate behind them to trap the crab. The party goes around the crab through the service passageway around the passage where the crab is trapped.
  • The party discovers the quarters of the beastmaster. There are goads, whips, leashes, collars and the like stored here. In an old dry rotted cabinet the party finds a set of magic leather armor that radiates magic when Sam the Ragged Claw uses his detect magic ability. The armor is made of some sort of thick lizard like skin and has a hood integrated into it. It is very fancy.
  • Going through the south door of the beast master’s quarters the party comes across another teleport pad. This one is glowing red. There are prods and goads hanging on the wall around the room.
  • South passageway to the door. The party enters a large hall with mosaics of gladiatorial scenes on the floor.
  • They find a barracks room with cabinets like the one they found in the beast master’s office. They toss the room and find a lot of treasure.
  • Back to the door in the east and find the gladiator master’s office. He’s become a skeletal warrior. He’s tough but doesn’t do much damage.
  • The party inspect the gym and training room.
  • Ozric comes up with a plan to get the golem out of its room. He’ll cast invisibility on himself and open the door cage door to the workshop it’s trapped in. The rest of the party will bait it away and it will chase them. While it is running after them, Ozric will sneak in grab the book and they’ll meet up and run.
  • This kind of works. The mechanism on the workshop gate is inoperable. One of the draug warriors has to use a pry bar one of the laborers is carrying to worry the latch. The golem activates but takes a little time getting moving. The draug has done enough to weaken the latch but not open it. As the golem comes on, the draug runs and the golem smashes through the gate. It chases the rest of the party and Ozric snatches the book. He checks to see if anything else of interest can be found. Nothing.
  • The party runs and shuts doors behind them as the golem chases them. The party is faster than the golem so they are able to out pace it.
  • The party meet up with Ozric and head back to the surface with their haul. They return to their camp in the ruins without further incident.

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