Dragon’s Bend Game Report 18

Cullen, Atticus, Ozric, Quintus go back to the second level of Zeleska’s Hypogeum

  • The party snuck through the ruins on their way to the hypogeum. Cullen noticed a pile of rocks moving. It was some sort of earth elemental creature, roughly in the shape of a weasel with tufts of grass and weeds growing on its back and head. The party avoided it.
  • The party enter the 2nd level and enter the main room full of rotting hyena-man corpses. They notice that they appear to have been gnawed on.
  • The party starts exploring the side passages.
  • The party comes to a heavy metal door that is locked. They are unable to open it without making a lot of noise and taking a lot of time. They’ll come back to it later.
  • They continue on and encounter a ghoul. Atticus uses the magical trinket to drive it back. Cullen and Quintus goes forward to fight it in a narrow passage.
  • More ghouls show up. The party has the draug mercenaries and the diggers make an orderly retreat. There are several side passages that could bring more ghouls to the rear of the party.
  • Cullen is paralyzed. Atticus and Ozric grab him and the the party retreats back toward the draug mercenaries and diggers.
  • The ghoul pack’s leader shows up in a side passage as they are retreating. Atticus and Ozric drop Cullen. Ozric casts a spell and Atticus attempts to turn the ghouls. He is successful and they flee.
  • The party goes into a side room and sets a guard to wait for Cullen’s paralysis to wear off. While they are waiting, they hear a buzzing sound in the big room with the hyena-man corpses. There is splashing, sizzling and slurping sound out in the dark. Whatever is out there, doesn’t come to visit the party.
  • The party hears something boldly moving toward them. A strange humanoid creature with a crest of horny growths, large crimson stained fanged teeth, comes around the corner. It begins casting a spell but Atticus charms it first!
  • The party is unable to communicate clearly with it but figure out it is some sort creature with necromantic ability and its lair is nearby. It leads the party to a large open room full of shelves. Many are toppled over but most of them are standing and they hold scrolls. It leads the group to an open area where the scroll shelves have been moved around into a sort of barricade and protected area.
  • The creature offers them food. Ozric pulls out a bottle of paralysis poison and dabs a bit on a cube of questionable looking meat that the creature has offered them. Ozric mimes that it is a sauce to improve the flavor and their friend tastes it. It seems immune to the poison and spits out the meat.
  • Atticus gets their host to draw out a map of this area while Quintus and Ozric quietly snatch a jewelry box Sam the birdman points out has some magic inside of it.
  • There is some commotion among the ghouls and their leader comes into the light. It gestures angrily toward the party but the charmed necromancers dismisses the creature and it goes away.
  • Through some gesturing and scribbling, Atticus communicates that he wants the creature to come with the party. It agrees and starts to pack up its stuff. It goes to get its jewelry box and finds it missing. It gets irritated and soon the charm spell is broken. The party gangs up on the monster while the ghouls are trying to get into the space. The brave diggers that accompany the party pull down some of the shelves to block the path for the ghouls. It won’t keep them out but it slows them down.
  • The necromancer points a finger at the draug warrior closest to him, the one the party affectionately call Face Ripper. He was one of their original hirelings. The monster utters a word, Face Ripper grabs his chest and falls to the floor stone dead.
  • The party surrounds and kills the creature though it puts up a fight.
  • The ghouls and their leader break into the room and the party destroys them.
  • One of the draug was paralysed in the fight. While it recovers, the party digs through the scrolls but just touching them causes them to disintegrate. They are very old and fragile. Atticus and Ozric do find a few that survive and can be studied later.
  • Carrying Face Ripper’s corpse, the party goes back to the metal door. It is enchanted. Sam the bird man dispels the magic and the diggers chisel the stone around the door. After an hour of work they are able to rip the door out of the wall and enter the room.
  • There are a number of large leather bound tomes in the room and large decorative steel box with intricate ornamentation.
  • The party packs up the tomes while Atticus is messing with the box. They determine that it is very heavy and will require several people just to move it. While Atticus it trying to break into the box, Ozric looks at the tomes. He quickly determines they are accounting ledgers.
  • The locking mechanism on the box is very complicated and Atticus gives up trying to open it. They decide to carry it out. It takes a lot of effort and time for the diggers to cut up some broken spears they found in the main room to make rollers to roll the box down the passage. Even this method is slow.
  • In the room with the corpses, two large grub like insects fly into the room and attack. They have large tentacles that they attempt to swat the party with. This attack being ineffectual they spit an acid, hitting one of the draug warriors.
  • The fight continues with missile weapons and the bugs return to attacking with their tentacles. One of the draug warriors is paralysed. The creatures start spitting their acids on it as the party desperately hack at the creatures. Too late! Their acid melts the face and skull of the draug warrior and he dies. One of the bugs starts slurping the mess.
  • As it feed the party chops the monstrosities and kills them.
  • Trying to drag the box out of the dungeon will be to much of a danger so the party decides to try to hide the box by throwing the rotting corpses onto it. This turns out to be a bad idea. One of the corpses is infested with rot grubs that burrow into one of the laborers. The party desperately digs at the nasty little beasts using daggers. They nearly kill the laborer in the process but manage to cut the grubs out of his skin.
  • Atticus reluctantly leaves the box behind.
  • The party meets an animated statue in the ruins on their way back to their camp. The construct is easily defeated and the party makes it back to camp.

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