Dragon’s Bend Game Report 19

Atticus, Quintus, Ozrick are resting back at camp.

  • Atticus and Ozrick read the ledgers and scrolls they found in the hypogeum and determine these are records and documents of the hypogeum’s operations. Somewhat valuable to Atticus’ monastery.
  • The party rests and Ozrick identifies the ring they found in the treasures held by the man eating necromancer’s lair. Ring of protection +2
  • The party returns to the hypogeum to recover the safe they had to drop.
  • The laborers break down a door that had been barricaded from the inside.
  • As they are working, some green skinned humanoid comes up the stairs from the lower level. It has a spear, armor and lots of pointy teeth.
  • Atticus charms it and encourages it to come over to be friends. Others of it’s kind come up the stairs and attack. They skewer the charmed “traitor” and attack the party.
  • The battle is brief and the party captures one of the creatures. They strip him of weapons and armor and bind his hands.
  • The laborers open the door. There are two dessicated corpses of steppe warriors and their gear. There’s some treasure but the big find was arrows. The party was nearly out of those.
  • The party returns to camp and heads toward the mansion of Vitallis the ox sorcerer.
  • Vitalis requires a few days to identify the armor they found in the beast master’s office and open the vault.
  • Inside the vault is a bizarre musical instrument. It is a stringed musical instrument that was grown as part of some humanoid creature. There legends of a race of humans who had been mutated by magic. Parts of their bodies became magical musical instruments.
  • The party experiment with the instrument. Quintus manages to play it in a way that brings feelings of restfulness and happiness to the party.
  • After a few days of camping at Vitallis’ house, the party heads to Dragon’s Bend.
  • They get the news from Balassa the trader. Not much going on around these parts lately. Been quiet.
  • The party travels 10 days to Oktar’s town to sell some of their treasures and buy gear.
  • They hire another draug warrior, abd 2 new henchmen.
  • Atticus hires a number of servants and purchases a quantity of luxuries (such as they are).
  • The party decides to spend several weeks in Oktar’s town, getting the news making friends and gathering information.
  • The wizard serving Oktar is a foreigner and has all of Farhat the dogman’s magical gear that can be used to tune the redstone in Cullen’s sword. They hope to find out where it is being kept so they might steal it.

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