Dragon’s Bend Game Report 20

Quintus, Atticus, Ozrick, and Cullen pack up their camp at Oktar’s town and head out.

  • Cullen gets the bear skin from the hypogeum turned into a cloak. The magical qualities of the pelt create a cloak that helps him to hide in the shadows.
  • The party decide that further pursuit of the tuning fork that Nymandus has would be unwise.
  • Travelled for 11 days to the warren of Farhat the dogman shaman without incident.
  • They visit with Farhat, tell him that this warriors were killed trying to get the tuning fork back to him.
  • They show Farhat the lyre they found in the hypogeum. He says he’s not so good with such things but Arpad the glurm knows how to make the magic work in it.
  • The party heads back to Dragon’s Bend.
  • On their way, a party of Bird Men are encountered. The party picks a fight with their hated enemy and win.
  • Atticus has his laborers pluck the birdmen warriors to use the feathers for some future provocation.
  • The party arrives in Dragon’s Bend.
  • Chaga the sheepherder and her sons have built a small “house” in Dragon’s Bend, copying Oktar.
  • The party hire boats to get themselves and the draug warrior across the river.
  • They go downstream to Arpad’s hut.
  • They show him the lyre and he plays it. Everyone recovers the hit points they lost in their latest fight with the birdmen.
  • The party agree to destroy some undead. The mutated hill men at the Red Fort were attacked by some sort of awful crimson colored wight and became undead. Arpad shows Atticus how to use the lyre in exchange for their aid.
  • Arpad uses his little boat to ferry the party across the river Deena. It takes several trips.
  • The party recons the fort during the day. Quintus is turned invisible and peeks through the open door of the tower. He sees four undead standing together in the shade, avoiding the sunlight.
  • The party make a plan. Quintus uses his grapple to climb the tower. Atticus acts as bait to draw them out.
  • The party with the aid of the draug defeat the monsters however Cullen losses a point of Constitution when one of the crimson wights hits him.
  • The party find a large chunk of unworked amber in the gear of the undead hillmen.
  • Atticus uses the lyre to help the party recover from the fight.
  • The party camps in the fort. Near dawn, a more powerful crimson wight attacks.
  • The party fend off the creature. Atticus turns it. As it attempts to flee, quick thinking Quintus tangles it up in his fishing net and the draug surround it and chop it to bits.
  • That party return back to Dragon’s Bend, sell the piece of amber to a trader for a hefty profit and prepare to head back to the hypogeum.

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