Dragon’s Bend Game Report 21

Quintus, Atticus, Ozrick set out with their expedition to they Hypogeum of Empress Zeleska

  • The party heads out of Dragon’s Bend toward the hypogeum
  • They aren’t gone long before they come across Chaga and her sons driving their herd fast and hard toward DB
  • One of the sons rides up to tell the party that there are a group of hyena headed humanoids, about 40 of them about 10 miles further south. They have been raiding small camps and stealing livestock.
  • The party decides to ride back to DB, gather more hunters and warriors to ride out and shoot down the creatures.
  • They convince a group of 14 warriors and ride out with their own hirelings. The humanoids that came up out of the hypogeum didn’t have horses or missile weapons. The steppe men rode in close, shot their arrows and rode away as the creatures tried to engage. It wasn’t long before the men had cleared out the monsters.
  • The party rode back to DB and headed out once again the next day.
  • 3 Days out, they see a group of Aglent’s warriors who don’t seem inclined to stop and talk.
  • The party arrives at the Hypogeum but find there is a camp of Oktar’s men outside the ruins.
  • The party inquires to see who they are. The only inhabitants of the camp were slaves doing the usual camp work. Atticus asked them who their masters were and where they were at.
  • The warriors were led by a warrior named Irek and they were off in the ruins searching for treasure. The fame of Atticus, Quintus, and Ozrick and their wealth had spread through Oktar’s town. Irek and his friends wanted in on the action. Atticus nodded and the party headed to their camp in the ruins.
  • Atticus, Quintus, Ozrick, along with their friend Sam and their hirelings headed to the area on the second level of the hypogeum. They found all the corpses and all traces of the corpses that had been there was gone as if they had vanished.
  • The party searched through a small group of rooms they hadn’t previously looked through, found some jewelry in the jumble of ghoul gnawed bones and proceeded to the next level of the hypogeum.

Farhat the dogman shaman had told the party that his explorations had gone as deep as three levels. The third level had been a mint and much of Farhat’s treasure (stolen by Oktar) had come from this level.

  • The landing opens into avery large room with some massive work tables that saw many years of service.
  • The party notices a path where the usual dungeon rubbish was cleaned away. They follow this trail for a while but let off to inspect other parts of the room.
  • Along one wall, in a niche, is a teleport pad glowing an angry red color.
  • They check out a long and wide and tiled passage leading to a wide stair going down. The passage is covered with a relief carvings of young women dancing the length of the passage. They are all linking hands. In several random places along the corridor, the wall is strangely blank. Ozrick touches one of the carvings. It grows warm, animates and leaps from the wall to attack. There is a brief battle and the party prevails.
  • The party finds a hallway with doors that had been broken. They were massive doors. The rooms beyond had empty shelves.
  • At the end of the hallway are two teleport pads and another set of the massive doors. One of the pads glowing white with a pulsing light. It would probably summon some number of the armored constructs that they had previously experienced. The other had a blue glowing light. This was a new color for the party.
  • Sam dispelled the magic on the white teleport pad, the diggers demolished the tiles as the magic was temporarily shut off then set to work on the doors. They were making quite a racket as the doors were massive.
  • It wasn’t long before Atticus heard some sort of clacking sound coming from the main room. The party prepared their missile weapons and soon a pair of 9 foot tall humanoid monsters came into their torch light.
  • The creatures had heads of a vulture, an exoskeleton on their torsos, thick muscled limbs and terrible hooked growths at the ends of their arms. There was a fight and some difficulty in defeating the monsters but the party won. Atticus played the magic lyre to help everyone recover.
  • The diggers resumed their work.
  • Soon the party heard singing, in their language. It was Irek and the steppe warriors singing a song of courage. It was faint but could be heard. Not long after they had started singing, the party heard more of the clacking from the vulture headed creatures and it was headed toward the warriors. There was some debate whether the party should go help but they decided to stay with the laborers as they worked on bashing down the doors.
  • A battle happened above and then it was quiet except for the work of the diggers.
  • The diggers were nearly done getting the door open when a figure came into the light.
Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damat Ĭbrahim Pasa (c. 1727 – c. 1730)
Jean Baptiste Vanmour (French, 1671-1737)
  • It was a human, clad in silk robes, wearing silk slippers. He stepped into the light, hands held wide open to show they were empty. He was very polite and kept insisting to know where he was.
  • The very suspicious party spoke to the man who wanted to know where he was at. The party asked him many questions. He said he had been in the court of his master and when there was a bright flash of light. He found himself in a strange dark place standing on glowing purple tiles. He had wandered in the dark until he found some stairs and heard the banging of the workers.
  • The party wanted him to get on his knees with his hands on his head. He grew angry and transformed into a green skinned creature. The party shot arrows at him and he declared “Flee!” Most of the workers, Atticus and the warriors were suddenly terrified, dropped whatever was in their hands and fled.
  • Quintus, a few remaining draug, and Ozrick fought the creature. Quintus and the draug were in serious trouble. The monster was only susceptible to the magic weapons the party had and it’s claws were powerful. Quintus struck a telling blow and the creature cried out, “Where am I!” as it became transparent and disappeared.
  • Those who fled had stopped, they had nearly reached the surface when the terror left them. They cautiously made their way back to the door where the others were. The party recovered and opened the doors.
  • Inside there were three chests full of silver coins with the face of the empress cleanly stamped.
  • In need of recovery and running low on spells, the party returned to their tower.
  • On the way, they saw four corpses of the big vulture headed monsters. The heads and hooked appendages had been removed as trophies.
  • The party travelled back to their camp with no further troubles.

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