Dragon’s Bend Game Report 22

Quintus and Ozric lead the hireling steppe warriors and draug into the hypogeum.

  • They returned to the third level of the dungeon to inspect some unknown areas.
  • In the old mint workshop the party come across the remains of a recent battle.
  • The badly mutilated bodies of four steppe warriors encountered were stripped and looted.
  • Several bodies of a type of humanoid the party hadn’t encountered before were also present. Also stripped.
  • The humanoids had dark green skin, sharp pointed teeth like a predatory creature, heavily muscled bodies covered in scars
  • The party find drag marks leading into an unexplored level of the dungeon.
  • The party avoids the trail and tries a different path.
  • They find several rooms that have been recently vandalized and demolished. Anything of value was taken or destroyed.
  • They find a few passages blocked by barriers made of trash, broken weapons and shields.
  • Searching an area, they find a secret passage and follow it. It runs along some walls with peepholes.
  • One peephole reveals a large specimen of the humanoid creatures. It is sitting in front of an old pot. There is a small fire lit in the pot and the creature is roasting a piece of meat spitted on a dagger. A pile of loot sits nearby containing loose coins, armbands like steppe warriors wear, and other jewelry.
  • The party debates about what to do. Searches another side room. Finds some treasure. Decide to go around and search another unexplored area.
  • The room the party searches looks like an abandoned lab. There are work benches along the wall and a heavy cabinet. The party push the cabinet away from the wall and find a concealed passage.
  • The passage leads to a small room with a small cash of coins. A bracelet in a decorative box exactly like the one Ozric has that opens locked doors and a spell book.
  • While exploration is going on, the two steppe warriors are standing guard. They are shot at from beyond the range of their light. They retreat out of the hall.
  • Quintus takes up his shield and leads the party out of the narrow passage they are trapped in. He bravely provides cover while the rest of the party retreats to a more defensible area.
  • Four of the humanoid monsters charge from out of the dark. Quintus can hear more coming.
  • The draug and the steppe warriors arrange themselves for battle. Ozric creates an illusion of an extra line of draug mercenaries to make the party seem bigger.
  • Quintus kills three of the humanoids and the fourth runs away seeing he is over matched.
  • A bellowing roar comes from the darkness and the large humanoid warrior leads the charge bearing a nasty looking scimitar.
  • Quintus fights the leader while the others of its band run in to attack the party. There is a fight that several rounds. One of the warriors, one of the draug, and Quintus come close to serious injuries but the party prevail.
  • They monsters don’t have much loot. Quintus picks up the leader’s sword and it inflicts magical damage on him. It feels like holding a rabid badger. The sword is full of hate and tries to gain control of Quintus but his will is too strong. Quintus drops it and decides to leave it in the dungeon.
  • The party inspect the lair of the creatures to find filth and mayhem. The skull of a steppe warrior split open and the brains scooped out. A gnawed femur.
  • They find the room where the leader was roasting meat and gathered up his pile of loot. The party was in rough shape and returned to their camp in the ruins.
  • They spend 3 days recovering from their exploration and head back to Dragon’s Bend.
  • Near Dragon’s Bend the party comes across Chaga and her sons tending their herds. They eat dinner with her, trade the news, and head into the camp.

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