Dragon’s Bend Game Report 23

Ozric, Quintus, Atticus, and Cullen traveled with their hirelings from Dragon’s Bend back to the ruins of the hypogeum.

  • Three days after leaving a group of dogman raiders ambushed the party and try to steal their horses.
  • One of the draug warriors is shot full of arrows and dies.
  • The dogmen fail in their attack and those who survive start to retreat. Atticus and two of the hirelings are able to tackle and subdue one of the raiders.
  • Some of the dogmen get back to their horses and run for it. Cullen leads their hunters to chase them down. The dogmen cut loose the horses from their fallen companions to distract the steppe men and escape.
  • Cullen and the hunters spend the rest of the day rounding up the horses the dogmen abandoned.
  • The party rests, buries the fallen draug warrior and decide to visit Farhat.
  • The dogman raider the party captured told them that he was from a clan that didn’t like Farhat. They had made a deal with Aglant. He wouldn’t raid their herds if they didn’t raid his and he encouraged them to raid Oktar’s. The dogmen, not seeing Aglant’s colors in the party’s caravan, decided they were fair game and attacked.
  • The party visited Farhat. He bought the horses and gear from the raiders to distribute to his own people. He also accepted the captive to ransom to the rival clan.

Farhat’s warren is only a half day away from the hypogeum. The party spent the night and headed toward the ruins. They noticed the droppings of giant rats in the tower where they make their camp.

The party decides to visit the fourth level of hypogeum. This is an area they’ve never visited.

The steps descend deeper than previous levels. They are also not as highly decorated as the other areas. As they reach the landing they see a room of teleporters across a broad passageway directly in front of them.

  • Cullen stops to listen at the landing. He hears movement, and whispering where there is a wall. He looks to see of there are some spy holes or something of that nature but sees nothing.
  • Quintus comes down off of the steps and begins to look as well. When he touches the wall it disappears. An illusion! And behind it was a dozen little green humanoids with a variety of weapons.
  • They quickly toss a net over Quintus but miss trying to do the same to Cullen.
  • One of the draug warriors comes down the step to do battle.
  • Cullen and the draug fight as Quintus untangles himself from the net. Ozric casts magic missile and tries to stay out of the fight.
  • Quintus gets free of the net. Quintus, the draug, and Cullen start hewing through the little green humanoids easily but many more of them come out of the darkness beyond the light of the torches.
  • The steppe warriors work their way down the steps past the party’s labor crew to join the fight.
  • A flash of light from the opposite direction flares and a magic missile strikes Ozric causing the spell he is casting to fizzle.
  • The flash of magic reveals a figure down the hall but no one was looking directly at it so they didn’t get a good look.
  • Ozric casts haste on the party excepting Atticus who is out of range of the spell.
  • The green humanoids decide they’ve had enough and retreat. The party turns to face the new threat and charge. Their torch light illuminates the creature, a monster with the body of a giant spider and the torso of a pale, almost albino like humanoid with pointy ears and long white hair.
  • A spell goes off just as the monster comes into view. Cullen, Quintus, and the draug warrior are caught in a web.
  • The creature creates a sphere of darkness to conceal itself and cullen burns away the webbing.
  • Ozric counteracts the darkness with a light spell and the creature has retreated.
  • The warriors advance around the corner and one of them gets hit with a magic missile
  • The creature is at the junction of another passageway holding its ground. The party advances.
  • Another of the spider body creatures attacks from the dark and a third from somewhere further down the hall attacks with a magic missile.
  • Atticus and the warriors jump in the fight because Cullen and Quintus have taken a lot of damage.
  • The party cut down one of the spider creatures but they’ve taken some serious abuse in the process. Quintus and Cullen retreat because they are down to a few hitpoints. Ozric is out of useful spells. They decide to retreat. The monsters have taken a beating as well and seem inclined to let the party go.
  • As they retreat the adventurers hear growling voices of creatures beating some doors that they had passed during the battle.
  • They do not encounter any more monsters on their way back to camp.

I use Rocketbook with the “snapcast” feature for my online gaming rather than a virtual tabletop. I can draw the scene, scan it with my phone, and share the image via a link provided by the Rocketbook app or over Skype. This ends up being similar to the way I run my in person games. I use the Rocketbook Flip pictured below. The notebook is erasable and reusable. One side of the page has lines, the other a dotted grid, making it great for drawing dungeon sketches and sharing them with players without all the effort of creating a VTT map, fussing with dynamic lighting and fog of war.

If you are interested in checking out Rocketbook products, here is an affiliate link. If you buy something, I get paid a little bit of money for recommending the product at no extra cost to you.

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