Dragon’s Bend Game Report 24

Atticus and Quintus led the party into the depths of the hypogeum to renew their assault on the 4th level of the dungeon.

  • The party decided to see if they could clear out the goblins in the south side of the level before tackling the driders in the north.
  • Some of the goblin corpses had been removed and all of them stripped.
  • The goblin sentries saw the party coming, threw spears and sounded the alarm.
  • More than a dozen of the nasty little things streamed from an adjoining room to fight off the party.
  • Their leader and his guards came out to see what the fuss was.
  • The party started hacking them to bits and their leader ran.
  • Quintus chased down the leader while the others finished the pack of monsters.
  • He killed the bugger but found himself alone in a hallway with an orc carrying the scary magical sword of Chaos the party had previously tested and decided to leave on it’s own.
  • Quintus bravely went on the attack as Atticus and a the draug warriors caught up with him.
  • Another pair of orcs from a side room attacked. The party finished two of them quickly and Atticus charmed one of the orcs so they could get some information.
  • They brought him back to the teleporter room and had a chat. Through grunts, gesturing and the drawing of stick figures on the floor the party learned some information about the level.

The red teleport pad was dangerous and should be avoided. Monsters came from the purple teleport pad. It had no idea what the blue one does. There was a door one of the orcs was guarding. The orc indicated that it was not a good door to go into and that there was something monstress waiting there. The party decided to check it out.

  • The party opened the door, swords drawn ready for action.
  • They found a room covered in fine rugs, a polished table, the smell of fine incense in the air.
  • There was a large pillow like mattress, upon which was an enormously obese, bald man wearing a loin cloth and a leather harness. He was reclined on pillows plucking cubes of raw, red meat from a silver tray with a dainty silver meat fork.
  • He looked up and smiled. The party stopped for a moment waiting to be attack but the attack did not come. Atticus pushed his way into the room and spoke with the man. He introduced himself and the man in an exotic and unfamiliar accent gave his name. It was long and complicated and said they could call him Bak.
  • Bak said he would be happy to give the party some information in exchange for a gift. They gave him the Chaos sword. He said he would give it to a servant because he had no use for it but it was an adequate gift.
  • The party learned that on the other half of the level there were five driders who were serving a pair of creatures called Khryll. Bak had seen their like before in a great city, he didn’t say where that was. He said they were quite dangerous and liked to slurp out internal organs of their victims. The goblins had been capturing monsters coming through the purple portal. The portal was some sort of summoning device that had been damaged. It was now randomly bringing creatures from all over the multi-verse to the hypogeum. It was how Bak was brought here.
  • The red portal was a teleport pad that led to an outbuilding in the ruins above. Bak said that trying to teleport into a pile of rubble was instant death. The rubble where that pad led to had started growing carnivorous plants that fed on the remains of the creatures that tried the teleport pad.
  • The blue teleport led to lower levels Bak thought but he was unable to use the pad. He seemed to indicate that there was something dangerous about it.
  • The well, he said also led to the lowest level but there were some creatures guarding that way and that he delighted in their nastiness. He said that door was barred to him as well.
  • Quintus asked what was behind a door in the room and Bak became irritated. Bak said it was his space and it was rude to be so nosy.
  • The party decided to leave, for the time being.
  • Atticus speculated that Bak is some sort of demon who had been summoned into the hypogeum and decided to stay.

The party returned to the teleport room and decided to have the charmed orc try the blue teleport pad. The pad flashed brightly as the orc got close and as soon as he stepped on it, he was incinerated by the magic. Quintus, who had found a magic bracelet with a blue stone approached the portal. The light didn’t change the way it had when the orc approached. He stepped onto the pad and was transported to a room. It looked like a large workroom.

  • There was a stone table full of lab equipment in the center of the room. Everything was covered in dust.
  • Cabinets lined the walls. And there were four statues in the corners of the rooms. Quintus looked in one of the cabinets. It was full of insects pinned to display boards. He selected one with a bunch of butterflies and brought it back through the portal.
  • Atticus inspected it and knew his order would find this very interesting. Quintus gave him the bracelet and Atticus used the telporter.
  • Atticus started checking cabinets and found one full of scrolls. He stuffed a with scrolls and returned to the party. He got some more bags from the laborers and went back through the portal.

Not long after Atticus left, the hirelings guarding the door were attacked.

  • Quintus, the draug and the fighters advanced and were drawn into an ambush.
  • The driders drew the party out and then attacked from the side and flanks.
  • Luck was with the party and the driders attacks were fierce but largely ineffective.
  • They soon killed the driders and returned back to the teleport room to await Atticus.
  • After a brief time, the Atticus returned with two more bags of scrolls.
  • The party decided to return to the surface and did so without any further danger.

I use Rocketbook with the “snapcast” feature for my online gaming. I draw the scene, scan it with my phone, and share the image via a link provided by the Rocketbook app or over Skype. This is similar to the way I run my in person games on a regular piece of graph paper.

I use the Rocketbook Flip pictured below. The notebook is erasable and reusable. One side of the page has lines, the other a dotted grid, making it great for drawing dungeon sketches and sharing them with players without all the effort of creating a VTT map, fussing with dynamic lighting and fog of war.

If you are interested in checking out Rocketbook products, here is an affiliate link. If you buy something, I get paid a little bit of money for recommending the product at no extra cost to you.

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