Dragon’s Bend Game Report 25

Quintus and Atticus led this week’s expedition into the hypogeum.

  • The party returned the fourth level of the hypogeum finding the situation much as they had left it the previous day.
  • They explored a long hallway and inspected a large room that looked to have been a training room and another that was some sort of military gathering and ceremonial space. It was lined with columns carved with victory scenes of the empress leading her dogman army and vanquishing its foes.
  • A large bronze double door loomed at an intersection. Quintus opened it and peered in. A crayfish like creature with tentacles was just in side the door waiting for them. The area around the door was suddenly enveloped by a sphere of darkness and Quintus was snatched up.
  • Atticus led the draug, and the steppe warriors through the darkness and into the room beyond.
  • The draug and one of the warriors saw a drider hanging on the wall but within reach of their polearms so they attacked it. Quintus was hanging in the air as the levitating creature drew him toward it’s mouthparts. One of the warriors grabbed onto his legs and pulled him back to the floor. Atticus inspired the party with his divine spirit.
  • The creature unleashed a crushing wave of mental energy. Quintus and the warrior hanging onto his legs were overwhelmed with fear. Atticus stood staring at the creature in confusion.
  • The warrior let go of Quintus and went screaming into the dark of the dungeon. Quintus thrashed about wildly and the creature could not hold him. He too went screaming into the darkness.
  • The laborers and Sam the bird man were unmanned by this display and fled back to the camp.
  • The draug and the steppe warriors battled with the drider, foiling its attempt at spell casting and doing a great deal of damage very rapidly.
  • The crayfish like being that they had been told was a khryll took up Atticus who stood in a bewildered stupor. It pulled at atticus’ helmet to get at his face. As the others fought, it finally removed his helmet and plunged its proboscis into his mouth and down his throat. The khryll pumped a corrosive fluid into his body to liquify his internal organs.
  • The draug and the warrior defeated the drider and turned to attack the khryll as it continued to secrete its digestive fluids into Atticus. Alas, they were too late to save the priest of Hazud. He succumbed to the creature’s attacks. The last words of Atticus were a grotesque gagging and gurgling as the creature dropped him and turned its attention to the new threat.
  • The henchmen heard a buzzing alien voice speak to them with telepathy, “Flee and you will live. Fight and you will die.”
  • The remaining hirelings decided to attack and were able to kill the creature. Atticus and Quintus had done a little damage to the creature before it got the best of them.
  • They started collecting their former employers squishy and quickly decomposing corpse to return to the surface.
  • Quintis had blindly run through the dark with no torch and found himself caught up in a web that closed off a passage. After a great deal of struggle, he was able to free himself by which time, he was free of the effects of the khryll’s mindblast.
  • He found his way back to the room where the draug and warrior were looking for loot. They came up with a pile of treasure and a probably magic warhammer with a curiously short haft.
  • Gathering up the remains of Atticus and their treasure, the party returned to the surface. They did not know what happened to the other warrior who had run into the dark.
  • An animated statue freed itself from the rubble of the ruins and attacked the party as they returned. They overcame the construct and returned to the camp.
  • They found the diggers, and Sam in the camp. They told Quintus that Clancy, Atticus’ body slave had run off with two of Atticus’s horses and a pile of treasure from previous adventures.
  • Atticus and one of the draug rode after him. It took some doing but eventually they caught up with Clancy, slew him and returned with the horses and the loot.
  • The warrior who had become separated from the party, returned from the hypogeum. He was shaken but unharmed.
  • The group dug a proper grave and buried the dead priest in the ruins of the hypogeum.

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