Dragon’s Bend Game Report 27

Quintus, Osric and Elinor complete their business at Oktar’s Town and travel to the ruins of the hypogeum.

  • The hirelings decide to stay on. There are 3 Draug warriors, 5 laborers, 2 fighting men, 2 hunters, and Sam the bird man
  • Elinor takes on a squire named Ramil, son of no one important.
  • The party sells off Atticus’ fancy wagon and his horses to some merchants.
  • After paying the hirelings and gearing up, the party heads toward the hypogeum.
  • One day out, they meet a small group of warriors looking to join Oktar when he goes raiding.
  • The party is within sight of the ruins when the hunters come across 10 large humanoids. They’re 7 feet tall primitives with spears. They had green skin and massive tusks. The hunters were able to ride back without alerting the creatures.
  • The party attacked from a distance with missile weapons. They scattered the creatures and picked them off one by one.
  • The party arrived in the hypogeum the next day with no further issues.
  • It was early in the day and the party wanted to get a start on trying to remove the great brass door they had already sold to Vitallis the ox sorcerer.
  • On the way to the well, an earth elemental creature in the shape of a giant weasel attacked with a breath weapon. It had a vicious bite. The party felt they needed to go back to camp and recover from their fight.

  • After a good night of rest and recovery by use of the magic lute by Osric, they were able to go back to the well. The party had bought a block and tackle from the construction crews working on the structures in Oktar’s town. They set it up over the well to lower themselves down.
  • Quintus went first. He saw an opening higher up than expected. They found the opening to the 4th level and he swung himself over to the ledge and let himself off. The hirelings, Elinor and Osric came down the well.
  • As one of the laborers was being lowered down, the other unaccounted for khryll came up the well and grabbed the leg of a fighter standing on the lip of the landing. It attacked with its tentacles and was about to carry him back down into the dark.
  • Quick thinking Osric cast a web spell, filling the well with sticky webs and keeping the creature from making away with its prize. The party prodded and hacked at the monster.
  • The khryll unleashed its mind blast. Elinor was panicked and ran. Quintus and a draug warrior stood dumbfounded. Osric, the other draug and one of the fighting men were out of the range of the blast and were able to kill the khryll by stabbing it and Osric’s magic missiles.
  • The party rescued the fighting man henchman. Gathered themselves and went looking for Elinore. She had ran some distance into the dark. She had retained her pack and lit a torch. The party made a good guess where she might go and they reunited without further problems.
  • The laborers took the bronze door off it’s hinges and prepared to transport it. Elinore noticed a transparent ooze just out of the corner of her eye as the party was passing. The group decided it was something that ought to be dealt with. They left the laborers to their work as they went to find it. The ooze was gone when they got to where Elinore had seen the thing.
  • The laborers got the door back to the well, rigged it up and hauled it up and out.
  • On the way back, the party encountered another rock weasel. This time it was some distance away and Osric zapped it with a lightning bolt. His magic blasted it into rubble and they continued on.
  • The party decided they would try to find the bottom of the well and sent Elinore down the rope.
  • As she arrived near the bottom, she came into a grotto and could hear a steady stream of water spilling into the pool. Above the pool were five orbs levitating. Each of the orbs had a tube coming from it dipped into the water.
  • As Elinore approached, the orbs glowed with a pleasant green bioluminescence. She desired to get close to them but shook the feeling off. She gave the signal to stop the rope. She shot her short bow at one of the creatures. The arrow hit but bounced away. She had the party haul her up.
  • They went each together back to the landing at the fourth level of the dungeon. From there, Osric sent a lightning bolt blasting down the well. There was a terrible crash, a flash of light and then silence. He sent a couple of magic missiles down after the lightning.
  • The party decided that was enough adventuring for the day and returned back to the camp so that their wizard could rest and replenish his spells.

Player's map of Zeleska's Hypogeum level 4.
Player’s map of level 4 of the hypogeum.

I use Rocketbook with the “snapcast” feature for my online gaming. I draw the scene, scan it with my phone, and share the image via a link provided by the Rocketbook app or over Skype. This is similar to the way I run my in person games by mapping on a regular piece of graph paper. I draw the map as we progress through the dungeon.

I use the Rocketbook Flip pictured below. The notebook is erasable and reusable. One side of the page has lines, the other a dotted grid, making it great for drawing dungeon sketches and sharing them with players without all the effort of creating a VTT map, fussing with dynamic lighting and fog of war.

If you are interested in checking out Rocketbook products, here is an affiliate link. If you buy something, I get paid a little bit of money for recommending the product at no extra cost to you.

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