Dragon’s Bend Game Report 28

Osric, Quintus, Elinore explore the well, loot part of level 5 and carry their treasure back to Oktar’s Town.

  • The party has their laborers lower them down the well using a block and tackle
  • They enter a narrow passage and find a dead orc. Its torso was deflated and the insides sucked out through its mouth.
  • A pile of rust from one of the animated armored warriors outside of a rough door.
  • Elinore opens the door and there are 3 of the animated armor suits watching the door.
  • Elinore ducks down, Osric webs them with a spell and the party destroys the things.
  • The party comes into a space that smells of leaf mould, a bit of dappled light comes in from a stair leading down, there is the sound of bird song.
  • The party checks a promising looking door in the south and find the hall of curiosities they had previously accessed with the teleport pad in level 4.
  • They search and loot the room. They haul taxidermied animals and monsters, spell components, lab equipment, and a wand of frost.
  • They inspect an area of wall where magic spell was detected. The party puzzles out the mechanical lock and decide to leave the magic alone until they have a dispel.
  • There is more stuff than they can carry out in one trip. The party and laborers get everything back to the camp.
  • The next day they return to finish clearing valuables. While they are hauling stuff up, the rope goes slack and the bundle drops. Ozric casts fly with a spell scroll on Quintus and Elinore. An earth elemental creature called a rock weasel has killed the laborers.
  • Quintus and Elinore destroy the elemental. The party finishes their task and goes back to the camp.
  • The party loads their wagons and head to the burial mounds they previously cleared. Once there, they leave the lab equipment and spell components they looted from the hypogeum in a room with a secret door.
  • They head to Dragons Bend. There is a large caravan of merchants heading east. They buy most of the loot from the hypogeum. Osric trades spells with a wizard working for the caravan.
  • The party travels along the river to Oktar’s town
  • They meet some of Oktar’s warriors with a string of slaves. Elinore taunts them and tries to get them to fight her. One of the warriors recognizes Quintus and Osric and decide its better not to fight. They leave.
  • In Oktar’s town the party notices that Oktar has returned from his slaving raids in the north with many slaves. The camps of warriors have disbursed back to the steppe.
  • The party delivers the door they looted from the 4th level of the hypogeum and receive 300 gp from Oktar. They learn of a strange spire with enormous crystal eggs suspended by iron lattice work in the mountains to the north.
  • Elinore finds a reputable merchant named Klaus. Klaus agrees to bring an armorer, tools and material to make plate armor for her and Quintus. This is a very expensive agreement and will take some months for the merchant to return with the armorer.

The party remains in Oktar’s town for the moment before determining their next move.

I use Rocketbook with the “snapcast” feature for my online gaming. I draw the scene, scan it with my phone, and share the image via a link provided by the Rocketbook app or over Skype. This is similar to the way I run my in person games by mapping on a regular piece of graph paper. I draw the map as we progress through the dungeon.

The notebook I use the most is the Rocketbook Flip. The notebook is erasable and reusable. One side of the page has lines, the other a dotted grid, making it great for drawing dungeon sketches and sharing them with players without all the effort of creating a VTT map, fussing with dynamic lighting and fog of war.

If you are interested in checking out Rocketbook products, here is an affiliate link. If you buy something, I get paid a little bit of money for recommending the product at no extra cost to you.

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