Grumpy Wizard News August 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve written a news update and I have news. Hence, a Grumpy News blog post.

RPG Ramblings

I was a guest on Jeff Jone’s excellent RPG Ramblings podcast. The episode dropped yesterday. It’s a wide ranging, and as the title suggests, rambling conversation about several topics game and game industry related. You can listen to it on your podcast app of choice or watch it on YouTube.



Gary’s Appendix

One of the topics I discussed with Jeff is his Kickstarter project Gary’s Appendix.

I contributed an essay to the project. It has fully funded. Jeff has the zine about ready to go.

I have high confidence that it will ship on time and will be well worth your hard won loot.

There are 8 days left to pledge as of this posting.

Con on the Cob

I will be attending Con on the Cob in Richfield, Ohio October 6-9, 2022. It’s the first in person convention I’ve been to since the plague descended on us. Con on the Cob is an eclectic nerd event with a little bit of everything. Games, cosplay, music, art, seminars, parties and dancing.

I plan on running at least four game sessions, maybe more. I haven’t submitted anything yet. (Another to do item for the week, sigh.) I’ll let you know when I have the specifics of what I’m running and when.

Looking through the events I notice some DCC, MCC and AD&D already scheduled. The Dead Games Society will be there doing their thing. If you’ve never played with them at a con, I highly recommend the experience. One of their better known members, Michael Browne will be there running games. Michael, in addition to being an excellent game master, shows up with absolutely amazing costumes.

There’s a two badge for the price of one sale going on until September 1st.

Website Stuff

You may not be aware that I’ve made some changes to the side bar.

  • I’ve added a widget that shows my most recent Instagram posts.
  • Took down links to podcasts/blogs that have gone dark and added active ones I like.

I’ll be doing some more site changes here and there over the next few months.

The Recommended page is getting a major shake up. It rarely gets any visits and I don’t updated it very often. I may dump it and replace it.

A quick note about my social media.

I rarely repurpose content from one social media platform to another. Images you see on Instagram don’t make it to Twitter. Facebook is the exception because Meta owns Facebook, a lot of my IG posts end up on Facebook. Links to my social media accounts are in the sidebar.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram it would help me out if you follow me there and interact. Even just a “like” is helpful. Social media gives preference to content that users interact with. When you like my posts, or anybodies post for that matter, it makes it more likely that other people will see it.

My mission is to find like minded people and and contribute to old school gaming, heavy metal music, and sword-and-sorcery fiction. When you like, share, or comment it helps direct our friends to positive and friendly content amidst the internet sea of rage.

I am, strangely enough, on Linked In. I don’t post there often. I have ideas few business and marketing posts that may appear there when I get a moment in the next few months.

Grumpy Wizard Monthly Newsletter

A clarification about email lists. There are two seperate lists. One for the blog. One for my newsletter.

I don’t assume you want both. If you want both, you have to sign up for each one. I don’t want to spam your email box nor do I want to be douchey about sending you content you didn’t ask for.

In the sidebar, there is a box to sign up for email notifications about the blog. That sends you email notifications that I’ve posted something on the blog.

You’ve probably seen a popup for another email list. That is for my monthly email newsletter.

That is something different. The email newsletter is a once a month newsletter that I send out separate from the blog. I have only reposted content from the newsletter once.

Subscribe to receive the link to a Google drive that has essays, book reviews, and a PDF of the latest email.

Each month is a little different. I send links to music, movies, and comics I’ve been enjoying. Other times I send out previews of my work in progress or links to new essays I’ve posted on the cloud that are for newsletter subscribers.

Presto Chango

There are four files in my newsletter subscriber drive marked “Grumpy Wizard Quarterly”. That was an experiment for 2021. In those four PDFs I give up my techniques for world building and running OSR games for high level characters.

Once I finish Hogwater: Village of Lies (Soon I hope, it’s progressing) I plan to rework those into an ebook. I’ll give it away for free to subscribers and post it up for $5 on DriveThruRPG.

That’s enough of that.

That enough of an info dump for one day. I hope you all are well.

I want to express my sincere and deep felt gratitude to you for reading my work and interacting with me. I’ve received several nice emails this week from readers.

It’s a great feeling to know that my work has been useful to you and that you get something positive from it.

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