Con on the Cob Events

I have three events approved for the schedule at Con on the Cob. The con is in Richfield, OH October 6-9. If you are in the area, check it out. Even if you don’t get a chance to play in one of my sessions, please come up and introduce yourself.

Thursday 1 PM – Atrium

Some Pig is an adventure for the retro-clone game Swords & Wizardry. No experience with old school games is necessary. Everything players need is provided.

You heard the borderlands needed mercenaries. You went looking for good pay and a chance for plunder in the border wars. By the time you got here, the season was over and the warlords were back in their keeps licking their wounds. Now you are broke and need coin. The locals in a village called Hogwater offered to put you up in their houses, feed you, even give you some bread and salt pork for your trip back to civilisation. They would like you to look into a matter for them. A villager named Alan went missing after the Steward sent him with some coin to buy hogs from Baldric, a freeman whose family lived near the forest. The Steward says Alan stole the money and ran. Alan’s mother says he’d never do such a thing. A villager went to see Baldric and find out if Alan went there. He said that Baldric’s pigs were loose and chased him away from the farm house. He said he saw Baldric lying dead in the farmyard. That was yesterday. He went to the Steward with the news. The steward says that Baldric lives outside the lord’s lands, pays no tax and gets no protection. If something befell Baldric and his family well that’s too bad. Alan’s mother would like you to find her son, if you can. Osbert the Reeve says Baldric owes him a fine boar and will pay you to retrieve it. Local merchants say Baldric owes him some salt pork and would pay you to fetch it. The villagers are too scared to go and ask you to check it out. You could use the money. How dangerous could it be? Go fetch some pigs and see if you find any sign of a missing peasant. What could be so hard about that?

Crimson Clay

Friday 1PM in the Atrium

Odd things happen on the western road leading to Hogwater. Merchants travel with hired mercenaries. Pilgrims and migrants travel in groups. The body of a lone traveler was found just last week, he was drained of blood. It was a bit of gossip around the liars table at the inn but quickly forgotten. It came back to mind quickly when Umfrey’s body was found outside the fence, pale he was. The villagers are scared and their lord too short on men to look into the death of but one peasant lad. A merchant is willing to pay you if you quietly look into and solve the problem. No questions asked. None answered. This is a playtest for a work in progress. Participants receive playtest credit and a free PDF of the finished work when it is published.

The Vault of Galanis Saturday 1PM in the Atrium

The secretive druid, Heinrik approaches the party with a request for aid. He needs assistance in sealing up a vault in the forest. Some foolhardy adventurers discovered the vault in the ruins of an ancient villa claimed by the forest. They dug out the entrance and broke the seals. Within the chamber were a number of skeletons animated by necromancy. The skeletons had been decorated with jewels and gold with great effort. Heinrik was able to block off the entrance with his spells but is unsure how long it will hold if there are more undead in the vault. This is a playtest of a work that will be published. Players receive playtest credit and a PDF of the finished work.

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