Anchor Podcasts

A cool thing that I’ve recently became aware of is a proliferation of old school D&D podcasts being produced via the Anchor App. Anchor is an all in one free podcasting app. I have no idea how it works or what their business model is. Several old school D&D enthusiasts have started to use it to produce brief but enjoyable podcasts. Most of them run around 15 to 20 minutes and they seem to be an on going back and forth conversations about all things old school D&D.

The one thing that really stands out about it? It’s very positive. Every one that I have listened to has had a little bit of time devoted to a voice message from another Anchor user asking a question, commenting or just saying “hi, keep up the good work.” It’s very refreshing considering the drama that crops up in various corners of online RPG commentary hobby.

I particularly like Spikepit by Colin Green. Colin is a charming and kind hearted guy. I enjoy his podcast very much.

As I find more that I like, I’ll post them up on a side bar.

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