One Approach To Finding New Players

For a variety of different reasons, you have decided you want to bring a new person into your RPG group. Finding players is easier today than it used to be. Finding players who will be interested in playing your game and will fit in with an established group is as hard as ever.

One thing I have noticed about my current group is that we have a lot of overlapping tastes in films, music, and art as well as games. This occurred partly by luck and partly by happenstance. I recruited my players out of a shop that has an aesthetic we all enjoy. It isn’t a surprise that we also have overlapping interests in other forms of creative expression.

Assuming you are posting an opening for your game group on social media, you might try the following. I haven’t done this, I’m going to the next time I’m looking for players. I think it might make finding someone who will fit in with my group a lot easier.

First, think about the media that inspired your current campaign or the campaign you are about to run. Write them down. Then sort them into categories. Films, music, art, fiction, historical figures etc. Next consider other content within those categories that are your favorite. Write down “Top Five” lists in different the different categories. The Categories can be as broad or specific as you like.

Example: My current campaign was inspired in part by Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series. Those are dark fantasy novels so I could write down four or five more dark fantasy novels like The Black Company by Glen Cook.

Ask your current group to write down their “top five” in those categories as well. It can be more than five. It can be ten if they want but you want at least five. Take a look at the lists. Generally speaking, if you have a group that meshes well, you will see some of the same “favorites” on everyone’s list. Write down the content that appears on more than one of the players’ lists. Joe and Sarah both like Conan the Barbarian so I write it down.

The last step is when you are creating your post for the local Facebook Dungeons and Dragons group, MeetUp, or Craigslist ad, you can include these common items that you and your group like.

“Do you like Conan the Barbarian?  Elric of Melnibone?  Hawk the Slayer? Gwar? NIN? Then you might like playing D&D with my group that meets every week at 1 PM on Sunday. We’re looking for a new player and we love all those things listed above. If you are into some of the same stuff we are then send me a direct message or comment below.”

People who don’t like what you and your group are into, will be less likely to inquire and people who are into your stuff will. Simple.


2 thoughts on “One Approach To Finding New Players

    1. I had a palm to forehead moment when I recognized that a lot of our table conversations end up comparing notes on what other sorts of media we like and the amount of overlap in the tastes of everyone in the group.


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