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I have some old posts that haven’t gotten many views. Going back through them, I noticed that some of them are quite good but for some reason hadn’t received much attention. This is an experiment to see if the reblog function on the WordPress improves the views of the post.

Grumpy Wizard

Different people see the world differently.

I grew up around blue collar tradesmen. Most of my family, direct and extended relations, are blue collar people. A plumber looks at a toilet differently than you do. A friend’s dad was a linesman for the electric company. We’d be driving along and he would point out a transformer on a pole and tell a story about when his crew put it up in the middle of a blizzard. I wouldn’t even see it until he mentioned it.

When I describe a situation, I give different descriptions to different characters because they will see different things based on their skill set and world view.

The party comes across a camp that was recently wiped out by a large party of goblins.

The ranger will notice that the camp was set by a group skilled in woodcraft. They placed the tents where the weather…

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Using The Dramatic Question To Solve Problems With Tabletop Role-Playing Games

A few weeks back I wrote about the Dramatic Question and how it works in games. In short, The Dramatic Question is what a scene or encounter is about. Will the characters achieve their objective? The biggest difference between stories and games is how they resolve the Dramatic Question. In stories, the story teller creates …

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