There is a claim that it is silly to appeal to realism in a fantasy role-playing game where there are elves and dragons. I disagree. Designers who say "realism" in games is garbage don't actually believe that. Every role-playing game has some degree of "realism" that varies depending on the game and what the experience the players of that game want to have.

How I Incorporated Theme Into My Sandbox Game

In RPG's generally and sandbox games especially, theme can be very hard for the game master to create. I do not control or attempt to control the actions of the player characters in the game. If the player characters are the protagonists of their own story and game master has little to no control over what the characters attempt, then how do they become the embodiment of the theme?

Where the Shift from Old School Play Came From, As I See It

Brian from Death Trap Games put up a good post the other day about how D&D shifted away from old school play. I'm in broad agreement with his thesis and recommend that you go check out what he has to say. There was another shift that I find most relevant to my personal tastes in …

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