Another Reason I Dislike Character Backstory

Photo by Alexander Maasch on Unsplash This is a skill science fiction and fantasy writers are keenly aware of, because they often have a great deal of information to convey that the reader has no way of knowing unless told…If the information is poured out as a lecture, barely concealed by some stupid device — …

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How I Incorporated Theme Into My Sandbox Game

In RPG's generally and sandbox games especially, theme can be very hard for the game master to create. I do not control or attempt to control the actions of the player characters in the game. If the player characters are the protagonists of their own story and game master has little to no control over what the characters attempt, then how do they become the embodiment of the theme?

World Building: Character Groups

Early in my work on building a setting for a game or story, I want to know the social, political, religious and economic groupings. Character groups are one of the most important elements of your setting. This is true for both fiction and gaming. Characters must want something that is difficult to keep or get. …

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