Comic Recommendation: Monstress


Monstress by Sana Takeda and Majorie Liu

Monstress is a triumph. I don’t buy a lot of comic books. Only so much money and so much time, you know. I have a standing order with my local comic shop to hold this one for me, every issue. Image has, over the years, kept me buying comics because they defy the conventions of the old publishers and take the medium places its never seen before. The incredible combination of beauty, horror and a well crafted story in Monstress is delightful. Every panel is gorgeous and the story is a page turner. I’m always conflicted whether to linger over the art or turn the page to find out what happens next.

The aesthetic is fantasy+cyberpunk+cosmic horror. The main character Maika Halfwolf is trying to find out who she is, what she is and what her mother was after. Almost everyone wants something from her and she is defiantly seeking her own goals and interests, even to the detriment of her friends. Her literal internal demon urges her on. It both helps her and hinders her in fascinating and terrible ways. This one definitely is worth picking up.

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