This is Mine: Game Report #13

Pompous Maximus and Akbar rejoined Rexor and Stilgar outside of the forgotten adamantine mine. The party determined that the magic inscription on the exterior of the mine was recent and written in the language of the Githzerai. It indicated that there was some sort of undead and a powerful golem within the depths of the mine. There were several other ruined structures on the mountain side the party decided in check out before attempting to gain entry to the mine.

They determined that there were three other vertical shafts going into the mine. One was less than a few hundred feet, one was collapse and another was much deeper. Rexor flew down in the shallower shaft and found something that appeared to potentially be a beholder. Deciding to go check out a structure that was directly in front of the main doors, the party noticed that the vegetation lower down the mountain had recently been grazed. Speaking with a local bird, Stilgar the Chaos monk determined there were three very large giants nearby. Not wanting to risk the giants finding and attacking the party’s pet roc while they were in the mine, they sought out and made a strong show of force.

The giants, were defiant and fought back though quickly learned their error as the leader of the three was dispatched and one ran away almost immediately. Thinking that they could possibly make use of the giants later on, the party offered them mercy. The giants took the Kompanions up on their offer. The adventurers, bullied the giants into giving up their treasure. Amongst the treasures was an ingot of adamantine the giants had gotten from one of the ruined structures in the area. The party decided to camp and rested for a night  so that Akbar could prepare his spells anew the next day. The next morning the party proceeded to enter the mine through the shallow vertical shaft.

Using the giants to drop large boulders down the shaft in order to damage or destroy the “beholder” lurking below, the party entered the mine. Upon entry, they found a very fine grey powder coating the floor of the main shaft where the beholder had been. Carefully, they avoided the powder and proceeded down the ramp like, main shaft deeper into the mine. Some fifty or sixty feet deeper down, the second vertical shaft opened above them and the gnawed and cracked bones of sheep were spread around the floor. Inspecting the vertical shaft, Rexor found two adjoining horizontal shafts. One was coated in a deep thick carpet of moss and stank of death. He returned back to the party and they decided that this should be inspected lest they have some monsters at their backs as they descended deeper into the bowels of the mine.

Rexor flew Pompous up to the opening as Stilgar made use of  his deft climbing abilities. Lighting a torch, Pompous waited alone as Rexor flew back down the shaft to carry the wizard up to join the party. Pompous was almost immediately attacked by three very short black furred creatures with spider like heads. They teleported into melee range and attempted to claw and bite the mighty Pompous. His plate armor protecting him, Pompous slew one of the creature as his Kompanions hurried to join him in battle. One of the little monsters teleported above Pompous and doused his torch, leaving him fighting blind in the dark. The other creature managed to bite Pompous and it seemed that he might succumb to some sort of toxin in its fangs but he shook off its effects. Pompous grabbed the beast and flung it out into the shaft. It dropped into the darkness as Rexor flew up the shaft carrying Akbar. Stilgar and Rexor managed to rejoin Pompous and the fight was quickly over. They found the foul lair of the little furry monsters empty of treasure. Returning back to the main shaft, the party went deeper.

As they moved, Pompous was certain he heard a rustling and scuttling in the dark behind them. He saw shadows moving near the edge of the light put off by Rexor’s flame sword. The party inspected the noises with their magical devices and spells but saw nothing. They journeyed deeper into the mine.

As they reached the terminal end of the main shaft, the party found themselves under attack by a golem of admantine. Thinking quickly, Akbar was able to cast a rock to mud spell directly in front of the party. The massive golem sunk into the mud and was unable to advance further. As other party members made ineffective attacks with missile weapons, Akbar further trapped the construct as it attempted to free itself from the mud by turning the mud back into stone with a second spell. The construct’s power was such that the party had to bring its melee weapons to bare in order to damage it.  The party exchanged blows with the golem. It was indeed a mighty creation and Rexor took significant damage in the fight but the party was able to destroy the guardian of the mine. The Kompanions gathered some of the unrefined ore and thought up a plan of how to drag the destroyed golem out of the mine so that they might recycle its valuable materials. Returning to the surface, Akbar dismissed a ghost that was lingering at the entrance of the the mine. The Kompanions wrangled the two giants into coming into the mine and with the combined strength of the giants and the party, they were able to drag the destroyed golem to the light of day.

The party decided that the giants had come to the end of their usefulness and dispatched them lest they be a problem in the future. The party decided to take a well earned rest though Pompous could swear he heard scratching and scuttling sounds coming from within the shaft of the old dwarven mine.

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