Run Away!: Game Report #17

The Kompanions decided they would travel down the iron spiral staircase to the next level of the under-city. Before doing that though, they decided that the squirming larva in the stinking refuse pile of Nightside needed to be disposed of, with fire. Standing as far down the hall as possible, Akbar sent a fireball into the pile and set it alight so that the nasty creatures would burn as the party explored the lower level.

The party traveled down the stair and found themselves in a massive domed chamber with a single door. As they approached the door, a pair of braziers flanking the door lit and gave off a dim flickering light. “Go back whence you came, mortals,” said a deep, rumbling, disembodied voice, in their own language. The party decided not to go directly at the door but to try checking out the rest of the room before they tried the door. A green fog sprang up barring their way.

Stilgar using his true sight looked around the room trying to see if there was an invisible guardian who might be the source of the magic. Indeed such a creature was present. Stilgar described the being he saw to Akbar and it was determined to be a demodand, and a powerful one. The guardian did not appear to be interested in attacking them but it wasn’t friendly either. The party asked the denizen of Tartarus what he was doing there, and what was beyond the doors.

“Pain,” replied the fiend.

The Kompanions also learned that the demodand had been placed there as a guardian by the wizard king of the Githzerai himself. The undying ruler of that strange plane hopping people had deemed something beyond the doors to be dangerous enough that he was willing to contend with and bind a very powerful being to his will. They asked the creature what the “treasure” of Nightside was. It responded, “Knowledge not meant for mortals.”

The party decided that they would return to Villa Vigelum and prepare the means to defeat the demodand. First, they had to deal with the fire they had started in The Shaft. It was the only way back to the villa without use of magic. Akbar used a spell to fan the fire, hoping to get it to burn out more quickly. Not long after, someone or something higher in the dungeon or perhaps even in Nightside, was dousing the fire with a massive quantity of water, sending jets of steam down the main passageway toward the party. They decided to go off into the area where they had destroyed the rabbit men and found a pack of ghouls feasting on the corpses. After a quick battle, and waiting for the steam, fire and smoke to subside, the party returned to Rexor’s manse.

The Kompanions sorted through their own magic, visited the alchemist to acquire more potions, and geared up for a confrontation with the monster. They returned back to the dungeon, consumed potions, and cast spells in preparation. All of them but Akbar had some means of flight as they entered the demodand’s chamber. With the significant magical enhancements, the party was able to deal out massive amounts of damage and withstand the power of the abomination. The creature recognized it needed assistance and called on its brothers as the Kompanions dealt the strokes that destroyed the monstrosity. Too late for the Kompanions, as eight more of the vile fiends stepped through the gates opened by their brother.

Though brave, the Kompanions are not foolhardy and they made to escape the terrible creatures. Akbar activated his ring of dimension door, as the rest of the party flew back up the stairs to the next level. The demodands gave chase and nearly dealt a death blow to the party’s henchman, Einar the Reluctant Fisherman.

The Kompanions had wisely purchased some single use magic items crafted by the wizard Tarix. Tarix being a master of travel magic had created a device in the form of a grey ceramic dog. A person in possession of the device would be teleported to a specific place the wizard had determined when creating the device. All the possessor must do is smash the figurine and he (along with anyone touching him) would be instantly teleported, without error, to the predetermined destination. The party had asked Tarix to set the return point to be Villa Vigelum.

Einar was straggling at the rear of the party. Stilgar and Rexor rushed back to him, grabbed ahold and smashed one of their dogs, returning to the mansion. Akbar, disgusted by the inability of their henchman to keep up also activated his dog, ending their expedition into the dark corridors below the strange City on the Edge of Chaos.

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