Ambush!: Game Report #22

The Kompanions had to deal with Zoran’s lake monster or the trade on the Silver River, and their major income stream, would dry up. Akbar polymorphed himself into an eel and sought out the monster. He learned that the beast lingered in the deepest parts of the lake consuming schools of land locked salmon. It would not be easy to bring the creature up to where the Kompanions could easily slay it.

The merchants, fishermen, and boat captains were piling up at the mouth of river and getting irate about the situation. The Kompanions met with the boat captains and asked one of them sell their boat. The sailors looked at each other warily and would only consider it if they could get two or three times the value of a ship in exchange. There was a bit of a stand off between the captains and the Kompanions until one of the sailors got a bright idea. One of the captains, an inveterate drunk, was not present but might be willing to sell his ship. The man was rousted from his slumber and brought before the mighty Kompanions.

After a brief and relatively easy negotiation, the Kompanions had themselves a ship. Such a ship she was. Leaky, and wallowing low in the water; the barely sea worthy merchant ship was loaded with barrels of chum to bring the lake monster to the surface where the party could get a shot at it. A plan was set and Einar the reluctant fisherman got the ship underway. The Kompanions intended to bring the monster into a bay where they could trap it and finish it off but the monster was hungry and attacked the ship not long after it struggled into the deeper part of the lake.

Stilgar, flying on the roc saw the monster coming and warned Rexor to fly Einar off the ship before the creature could smash the boat. Quickly the beetle winged warrior took up Einar and escaped the ship as the creature smashed the hull. A slick of blood and fish guts from the barrels of chum spread out over the lake. Zoran’s lake monster took great interest in this unexpected meal and was distracted for moment. Akbar, also aboard the roc, summoned a powerful water elemental to battle the monster. Stilgar had located a large boulder which the roc had been carrying as it circled the ship overhead. They dropped it onto the monster as it tore into the bait. Rexor flew Einar to the battle platform on the roc and dropped some smaller rocks they had set aside for the purpose as well. With the combined efforts of the elemental and the missiles from above, the party managed to kill the awful monster. Before the beast could sink, Rexor went down to the lake and cut off its head to bring back to Vanessa’s Lament as a trophy of their triumph.

Having completed their task, the party returned to Vanessa’s Lament to prepare for an assault on the Githzerai. The invaders from the plane of Limbo were rebuilding a fortress as a base of operations to acquire slaves and resources for their wars against the hated Githyanki. Akbar prepared his army of skeletons and brought them through the portal to the ruins of Zoran’s laboratory in the weird mushroom forest near the Githzerai fortress. The Kompanions traveled to the pallisaded village of the mushroom men to meet up with their allies. They noted that the Demonspore had gotten bigger since their last visit to the village.

Moving through the forest with mushroom men in the lead and 100 skeletons lurching along behind, the Kompanions approached the outpost where they had ambushed the Githzerai only a few weeks before. Carefully scouting the outpost, the party found it to be empty. As they were about to get their little army under way again, a Githzerai wizard became visible. The wizard initiated a Githzerai ambush with fireball at the Kompanions and the 10′ tall axe wielding leader of the mushroom men. The Kompanions, having ample magical protection from fire, were not heavily damaged but were taken by surprise. Stilgar reacted quickly made straight for the wizard. As he ran, three more Githzerai became visible and shot crossbows at him. He dodged the deadly bolts with his amazing monk abilities and his powerful battle cry, “Parkour!” Rexor and the massive mushroom man warrior were quick on his heals as Stilgar leapt into battle.

Akbar began casting haste to enhance the death dealing power of Rexor and the mushroom man warrior. Einar stood by to protect the wizard in case more Githzerai materialized. He was quickly rewarded for that concern as a half a dozen magic missiles slammed into him from the tree tops. Two Githzerai wizards standing in the branches of a large tree were now visible. Stilgar managed to get to melee with the Githzerai wizard who initiated the fight and quickly neutralized the threat with his powerful fists. Stilgar was in trouble as a two Githzerai warriors become visible on his flanks and made ineffective attacks against him. Rexor and the mushroom man, now hasted entered the fight as well.

Sensing that he was in danger, and thinking perhaps Akbar might be attacked by an invisible Githzerai warrior, Stilgar ran back toward Einar and Akbar. As he ran, Stilgar activated his true sight ability and found that indeed to be true. An invisible Githzerai monk was making his way toward Akbar with ill intent. Another twenty invisible Githzerai warriors were flanking the mushroom man and skeleton army. The wizards in the trees unleashed fireballs as Akbar used his dimension door ring to teleport himself into the midst of the skeletons to provide himself with a little more protection. A number of the skeletons were destroyed by the fireballs and Einar took a little more damage as well.

Rexor and his mushroom man ally were trading blows with the leader of the Githzerai and some of his warriors. The armor of the Githzerai as well as their skill in battle was giving the four armed, bug winged warrior some difficulty. Even so, Rexor and his battle brother were giving as good as they got. It was not long before Rexor had slain the Githzerai leader and was turning his attention back to the other warriors.

Stilgar, able to see the Githzerai monk with the power of the Fist of Ossiam made a devastating attack and defeated his foe. The Githzerai warriors were mowing through the skeleton army but the power of the shadow staff is not of this world. Akbar brought forth the dark power of Chaos and slew most of the Githzerai flankers with his death spell. The warriors dropped where they stood as the power of Chaos drained the life from their bodies.

The death of their leader, their monk and their most powerful wizard along with the bulk of the warriors was too much for the remaining Githzerai. They used their psionic abilities to teleport themselves away from the lethal Kompanions of Kalador. The Kompanions looted the remains of the Githzerai and took a count of their remaining forces. Akbar replenished the ranks of his undead by animating the slain Githzerai warriors. The party utilized their healing magics and prepared to move on the fortress.

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