Inter-dimensional Heist Planning:Game Report #23

The Kompanions left the watch tower where they were ambushed and headed off to the fortress that the Githzerai were attempting to restore. The remainder of the Githzerai had come back to the construction site, grabbed their stuff and their slaves and ran back to their redoubt on the plane of Limbo. Akbar and the mushroom men set to destroying the remains of the fortress so that the Githzerai’s activities would be hindered if they decided to return. Stilgar, Rexor and Einar decided to go to the viz pool to the north to see if the Githzerai were there. It turned out that the pool had also been vacated and only three of the spheres had been left in the spring.

Akbar was left at the fortress with his undead army and mushroom men to destroy the fortress. The rest of the Kompanions headed back to the portal. On their way, they came across a giant slug and did a little pest removal. Arriving back in Vanessa’s Lament, the Kompanions checked on things and prepared to go visit Nightside and find out what Geldor could tell them about the strange being at the center of the city. While they were at their keep, they heard that treasures were being extracted from the ruins of Hablok now that the Chaos storms had begun to subside. With that, the Kompanions headed off to Nightside.

Once they arrived in Nightside the Kompanions went off to Geldor’s house and met with the forthright and tactless elf. Through his research, he learned that the entity at the center of Nightside was some sort of multi-dimensional being whose purpose and intent was unknown. Stilgar and Rexor, with images of a massive pile of loot still stuck in their minds, asked Geldor if such a creature could be put into stasis or perhaps put asleep. Geldor considered this a moment and told them this might the most insane idea he’s ever heard but would think about it. Having acquired some magical loot from the Githzerai that they were not able to identify earlier, they asked Geldor to take a look. The elf inspected the items and noted two of them as being of particular value. A cloak of displacement and a ring of djinni summoning. The ring was of great interest to the Kompanions and could possibly suggest a way to deal with the entity beneath Nightside.

The Kompanions realized that even if they were able to sneak into the chamber of the creature, they would have too figure a way to carry out the treasure. They have a bag of holding but far more treasure is in the chamber than it could carry. The Kompanions made a visit to Tarix, master of travel magic, to see if he had some ideas about how they might create a portal or some other way of transporting the treasure. Many ideas were floated; perhaps set up a temporary portal and carry the treasure through, a group of wizards with teleport scrolls created by Tarix so they could carry a large amount of gold with them, some sort of magic circle that could teleport everything within the radius of the circle… Tarix was uncertain and also thought this was a crazy scheme. The Kompanions wondered if Tarix had any information of such a creature from the books that he had taken from Laski’s library. He said that he did not but the Kompanions probably did from the part of the library he had left to them. Tarix had completed the single use teleport sculptures for the Kompanions and he delivered them into their hands as they left to go tend to other business.

The Kompanions considered going to visit the bio-magical-mechanical man Crux they had sold some adamantium too several months ago but felt they needed to get back home. Before they left, they received word they could pick up a flying carpet they had purchased the year before. The flying carpet they used to have had been destroyed in an unfortunate fireball spell incident. They were excited to get the carpet but were considering whether or not to let Akbar ride on it. The Kompanions returned back to their keep at Vanessas’s Lament to read through Laski’s old tomes.

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