Pim is HARD TO KILL: Game Report #29

Akbar, Einar, and Stilgar returned to Whitemist to exact revenge on address the threat of Pim. Stilgar’s new found phobia of birds was causing him to be sure to avoid open windows and roofs when ever possible. So they took the flying carpet rather than their pet roc.

Utilizing a mirror of scrying found in the Chatelaine’s tower, Akbar looked at Pim’s base of operations to see if they could locate the wizard. It turned out that Pim was making a show of it, looking like he was home but it was a sham. Expecting that Pim might be setting a trap, the trio found a place to camp outside of Whitemist. In the morning after their arrival, Akbar sent an invisible stalker to locate Pim. The stalker found the wizard in a safe house in the merchant’s district and returned with the news. Hoping for an easy victory, Akbar sent three more invisible stalkers after the wizard but they did not return.

Resigned to the more direct route, the party went to the house at the corner of a fairly busy thoroughfare. They had prepared by making themselves invisible. They scouted the building cautiously but were unable to determine precisely where Pim hid. Hoping to draw him out, Akbar cast monster summoning and within a few moments a somewhat confused and angry hill giant found itself in the thrall of the sorcerer. Accepting its commands, the giant attacked the guards in front of Pim’s house. The Kompanions sat back to watch and wait. The city watch showed up as the civilians at their business fled from the scene. Though one of Pim’s guards was smashed to jelly, the giant was defeated by the combined efforts of the guards and the watch. Still, no Pim.

The Kompanions returned to their camp and sent a stalker with a note to Lord Mirko, DEMANDING an audience with him at sundown the next day. The time came and Stilgar, Einar, and Akbar approached the city on foot. As they came near they found sizable troop of men before the gates, fully armed and armored. Stilgar used true sight to determine if there were any nasty surprises waiting for them. He learned that Mirko was wearing an enchanted set of armor and a carrying an enchanted war hammer. Several of the men in his personal guard had various magic armor and weapons about their persons. More worrying, Pim, hidden with an invisibility spell, was standing on the gate house. A full platoon of men with heavy crossbows were on the walls of the city, ready for action.

Mirko, accompanied by his guard game storming forward, spitting angry. As the Kompanions approached, he made it clear they were no longer welcome in Whitemist. There was no chance for talking here. The Kompanions would leave or there would be a fight. As powerful as they are; Stilgar, Akbar and Einar saw that they were outmatched and decided it was best to leave town and bide their time.

The next morning, Stilgar quietly snuck into the Warrens and visit their friend Jimmy. Jimmy’s wife, anyway. She seemed the more capable of the couple. It turned out to be so. Stilgar offered her quite a sum of money to act as his agent in the Warrens. She agreed and informed him of the current situation in the Warrens. Who the gangs were and who might be worth supporting in a fight with Pim’s gang. Money and arrangements were made to begin developing a network of allies with the criminals and smugglers of the Warren.

Einar, Stilgar and Akbar returned back to Vanessa’s lament feeling a bit let down in their attempts to destroy Pim, once and for all. Feeling the need for adventure they travelled to the hiding place of Xayerez the lich. Passing through the Hall of Infinite Doors, the trio inspected the door to the pocket dimension they sought. It was a robust stone door, set into a beautifully carved niche. Symbols of four gods of the elemental planes were carved into the stone around the door. Noting this, they entered the tunnel beyond. The air was damp and hot. Green growths lined the tunnel as they came into massive cavern beyond.

Set into the ceiling, perhaps miles overhead, was a great stone giving off a light not unlike the sun. Miles before them was a swampy jungle. Screeches of birds, which Stilgar did not like, the buzz of insects and the stink of decaying vegetation greeted them. Nearby a lizard was sunning itself on a rotting log and Stilgar spoke to it, asking if there were any people about. The lizard, somewhat surprised, indicated that there were some sort of lizard men who had a village several miles away. Having a sense of the place, the three returned back to the Temple of Chaos to gather Rexor.

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