Run Through the Jungle: Game Report #30

Rexor, Stilgar, Kalador, and Einar went to scout out the pocket dimension where the lich Xayerez had escaped the reach of Boratha. Entering through the tunnel from the Hall of Infinite Doors, the party came into the hot, stinking swamp. The light from a stone set into the ceiling several miles above their heads filtered through the jungle canopy. Deciding that they would follow the wall, the party sloshed through the stinking mud and water of the great swamp. Most of the day had passed when the ground began to rise and the water behind them.

Seeing an area with a break in the trees and a tall rise where they would be able to get a view of the lands around them. Kalador and his Kompanions headed for a stand of trees that afforded them cover for the night. As they entered the stand, a massive reptile leapt out from the cover of a giant fern. It stood on two legs with a massive head full of dagger like teeth, short little arms and a long powerful tail. A truly fearsome monster. Rexor flew at it’s head thinking to make quick work of it but the beast snatched him out of the air with its great maw and began to chew. The others attacked the beast as it stomped about with its clawed feet kicking out at them. Rexor arms were free and he was able to strike at the beast as it tried to consume him. Stilgar and Einar cut and bashed at the creature. The battle didn’t last long but Rexor was somewhat damaged in the outcome. The Kompanions spent most of the night skinning the great beast and removing it’s head as a trophy for their keep.

After getting some sleep in the damp and hot jungle air, they worked their way to the peak before them to have a look around. They discovered several areas of interest. A large lake, a village, areas of deep dense vegetation and one area on the other side of the lake that looked dead and without any life at all. Making a brief stop at a ruined shrine along the way, the party made toward the village. When they arrived they found a small settlement of primitive humans living in a village protected by a wall built of massive stone slabs and protected with powerful magic symbols. Using the ring of telepathy Rexor was able to find out there was a headman and a priestess who were at odds with one another.

Most of the village backed the priestess who worshiped a “god” named Arfaleo and each week would conduct the oldest person in the village to a sacred cave where they would pass into paradise. The headman thought it was untrue and his family had passed down stories that a pretender had come to take the place of Arfaleo. Arfaleo had built their homes and provided them with all the bounty of the land but this pretender was an evil demon. One of the headman’s ancestors had fought against the demon but was defeated and now the village was convinced that this was the true Arfaleo. Seeking a guide to find out more about the cavern, and thinking the sacred cave was how they could get to the lich, the party asked the villagers questions and learned of other monstrous reptiles. The headman’s daughter was a respected hunter in the tribe and offered to take the party to the lair of a terrifying twelve legged beast that lived deep in the jungle.

Taking them up on the offer, the group went off through the jungle to the lair of the dread monster she had described. Along the way they were ambushed by a pack of speedy and large reptiles though not nearly so large as the monster they had killed before. They found a hill in an area of trees that looked like they had been blasted by lightening. The bones and rotting remains of several large reptiles were laying near a burrowed out den in the hill. After arriving at the lair of the great 12 legged beast, they learned that it slept. Hoping to catch it unaware and prevent it from bringing its claws to bear, the party had Kalador drink a potion of growth. Rexor and Stilgar hid near the entrance of the cave while Kalador made sounds to draw the beast out. Soon, the monster woke and hearing the chance for a delicious meal, started out of it’s den. Stilgar, Einar, and Rexor attacked as Kalador used the dimension door power of his armor to land atop the great beast. Having grown to massive proportions after consuming the potion of growth, Kalador’s great weight pinned the creature to the ground.

It’s neck being quite long, it was able to bring it’s lightning breath weapon and powerful bite to bear on the Kompanions but this was not enough. It was immobile and unable to use its claws, it’s deadliest attack. The party quickly dispatched the monster, much to the amazement of their guide. As the group returned back to the village, the guide’s caution disappeared as she boldly strutted through the jungle. After all, she walked with the gods and nothing could harm her. It was not long before the party was under attack again. Another pack of reptiles was on them but this time they had magical abilities at their call. One was able to make itself invisible, another could teleport, a third could create a wall of ice. Though the creatures were not so tough and the party was able to defeat them with little difficulty, the development that they had such powers was troubling.

The Kompanions returned back to the village and sent Einar on the flying carpet back to the entrance to the Hall of Infinite Doors to fetch Akbar before proceeding on to the “sacred cave” and hopefully, the lich Xayerez.

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