Table top role playing games have so many enjoyable elements that we could compile a list so long it would get boring to read after a while. The thing that is at the top of my list is hanging out with like minded people. What a gift that is.

I have had a range of experiences playing games with various people over the years. Most of those experiences were positive and enjoyable. Occasionally, they have been unpleasant but those were rare. Also very rare are the groups where the personalities fit together in some alchemist’s accidental formulation of gold. I have had two such groups. The group I played in when I was in the Marine Corps, and the group I am game mastering for now.

In my current group, we’ve lost a few players to “life” and I hope that we get them back someday because they added so much to the enjoyment of our time together. My current campaign, which has been running for more than two years now has been wonderful. It was in a lot of ways just dumb luck that this particular group got together. Partly, it was because I looked for players in the right place. I put up posters (yea I know, old school!) in one of the local game shops. Weird Realms in Cleveland was just the sort of shop to attract my kind of odd ball. I hope that Beckett is able to find a new spot to re-open a physical store with a good play space. We miss playing there. For whatever reason, this specific bunch of players were all looking for a game at the same time.

When we get done playing I make a point to thank my players for being part of my game. I have a great game group, it is one of the best things in my life.

I am grateful for my friends who gather together (virtually for now) every week and play.

One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Great article.Thanks! When I was in San Diego, I had a great friend Mike Biasi, who I used to work with that sort of got me back into playing RPG games as an adult. We played all sorts of board games together. We were always trying to hook up and play something. Sometimes in big groups but mostly just him and I. At one point I convinced him to play a D&D adventures league with at a local game shop. It was a lot of fun to play even with strangers. For years I looked to start a local game group for D&D but it never seemed to manifest for one reason or another. Then Mike passed away and I thought I’d never play games again. Everything time I looked for a group to play with just did not work out. About a year later when I new I was moving to the Cleveland area I found Weird Realms. In all the games stores I visited in Los Ageles and San Diego there was NOTHING like that place. About a week after arriving in Cleveland I met Beckett and immediately struck up a conversation with him about RPG’s. Not only did he have anything you could think of to play, he had a multitude of RPG game groups I could join. Beckett, luck and Mike guided me to this group. I am so happy and thankful to have it in my life. Can’t wait till we can all play again in person!

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