What Do I Have To Do?

Feel free to eavesdrop while I pace, mutter and gesticulate. 

How do I write good stuff?

However you do it.

What? What kind of answer is that? I need details! Techniques! Strategy!

There’s no formula. You write and you keep writing and eventually, you get good at it.

Ray Bradbury never went to college.
George RR Martin has a master's degree in journalism.

Neil Gaiman has notebooks full of ideas.
Stephen King says notebooks are where bad ideas go to die. 

Glen Cook worked at a car factory for 30 years.
Chuck Pahlniuk wrote when he was supposed to be doing day job and quit as soon as he could.

Emily Dickenson only had 10 poems published.
Rita Dove has 10 volumes of poems published. 

Some say read everything you can in your genre so you understand it.
Others say don’t read anything in your genre so you aren’t derivative.

Lovecraft was a teetotaler.
Bukowski was a drunk.

Do the work and you’ll figure it out, maybe. 

That’s it? That’s the secret?

Yup. Write. Finish. Send it out...there. 
Well, you should read too. That way when you write something good, you might recognize it. 

What should I read?

Oh, whatever. Doesn't matter.
Poetry. History. Picture books are nice. 

I guess you’re right. As usual. 
I hate it when you are right. 

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