When You Write, Only Write.

This is one of those posts about bolstering my own morale.

I’m talking to myself. I might as well acknowledge it.

My wife is going to read this and say, “You wrote that for yourself didn’t you?”

When you write, only write.

You can’t write and edit the writing at the same time. That never works.

Of course the piece needs work.

Editing is not what you are doing right now, in this moment.

Right now, you are writing. Only writing.

Keep going.

You are judging. Comparing. Imagining how it will be received.

Is that helping you? Is that serving you?

Focus on the process. Do the work.

Now is the time you let yourself go and write. Only write.

Ignore the primordial mind. The primordial mind fears expulsion.

It fears being driven out of the tribe and left behind on the savannah.

The ancient fear of death by rejection is a false fear.

There is a difference between fear and danger.

False fear is the creativity killer.

Sometimes, the fear is real. Sometimes it tells you there is danger.

Even so, you can’t climb a mountain without living in the fear.

If you give into the fear, the mountain kills you.

Resistance is trying to kill you. You can beat it, if you do the work.

The only way to the summit is one step at a time.

One hand hold. One swing of the ice axe.

Keep going.

You’ve come this far. You can get to the summit, but only if you keep going.

When you write, only write.

One thought on “When You Write, Only Write.

  1. That fear of being driven out of the tribe, it’s powerful and colors every interaction we have with people.

    The primitive drive to exile “the other” is alive and well these days. On the other hand, we can’t tolerate everything nor everyone. Sometimes, taboos are there for a reason.

    As a fellow writer, good blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

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