A Review of Narrative Designer: Fabulator Ludus by Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Last week I finished reading Narrative Designer: Fabulator Ludus. It's an interesting book and I've been thinking hard about what to say about it. For regular readers of this blog, I recommend this book as a set of first principles to consider when you are designing material for your tabletop role-playing games. Stephen's book is intended to apply to a broad array of designed experiences of which tabletop role-playing games would be one. Much of what he has to say is in line with my own perspectives.

Review: Qelong

Qelong is a setting with the intention of inducing the feeling of horror that is created by the consequences of war on the civilians caught in the middle of a fight between forces greater than themselves. While I suspect there are not a lot of game groups that are interested in having that experience; Ken Hite succeeded in accomplishing the intention. Playing Qelong is a dark experience and not for the faint of heart.