Interesting Links: 3/19/21

Questing Beast Glatisant #13 is out and it’s a gem. This month’s newsletter packed with links to great content.

Justin Alexander, one of my all time favorite bloggers now has a YouTube channel.

May I also mention that the man has a voice that’s as smooth as buttah. Here’s a link to how he runs a sandbox. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this method. He’s written about it before on his blog but you can get the video version.

Blog posts I’ve enjoyed.

Here’s a great post from Seed of Worlds about emergeant story and borrowing ideas to bring into your table top games.

Welcome to the Death Trap has one on narrative in games and why you might consider grabbing stuff from other games to use in your game.

My Gary Con Games Are Almost Filled

I am scheduled to run four games at Ethereal Gary Con. There are two seats remaining on my Thursday night session.

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