Dragon’s Bend Game Report 26

Quintus, Ozric and a new party member Elinor (a paladin) return to the 4th level of the hypogeum

  • The party finds the room of the driders they had killed in the lair of the Khryll. There is a hodgepodge of gear and a spell book.
  • They follow a long passage that leads them to a well that Farhat the dogman had told them about. They toss a lit torch into the well. It goes down a few hundred feet before splashing. There is a flash of green light that emits from the well.
  • The party returned to the lair of the Khryll and notice the corpse of the drider has a very distended and bloated abdomen.
  • Quintus stabs the corpse and two small Khryll spurt out. The crayfish like creatures with tentacles leapt at Quintus. One wraps its tentacles around his head and jams its mouth tube down his throat like a face hugger in Alien.
  • Quintus headbutts the floor trying to smash the creature. His friends grab it by the legs and rip it from his head and kill it. The hirelings kill the other spawn.
  • As the party is searching the room, Elinore is in the passage keeping guard. She sees a light toward the end of the passage. A female figure holding a staff with light emitting from it’s end is looking around.
  • Elinor steps forward and calls out. The figure comes forward and communicates with Elinor. She says her name is Andora and demands to know what this place is and what is going on here. Elinor explains that this is an ancient monster haunted ruin of an underground fortress of an empress.
  • Andora charms Elinor who approaches. The other party members notice Elinor is talking to someone in the passage and go out to see what is going on. After some uncertain exchanges, the party learns that Andora and her four companions were travelling on pilgrimage. There was a purple flash of light and they found themselves in the teleport room in the hypogeum. They had no way to return.
  • Andora insists that the party help them find a wizard who might be of assistance to them. Elinor readily agrees in her charmed state, and the rest of the party reluctantly goes along.
  • Andora tells the party they of the species called the Melgara (Swords & Wizardry Monstrosities). She and her four companions are tall, slender, blue skinned feminine beauties. They wear silvery gowns and all carried staves. Andora, their leader, carried a metal staff with a brushed finish.
  • The party led them the camp in the ruins and began preparations for travel. They decided that Vitallis the sorcerer ox was the most likely possible source of assistance. The Melgara took possession of Clancy’s fancy wagon after displacing his slave girls.
  • While travelling on the steppe, the party meet a group of Otkar’s warriors. They make camp and share food, fermented mare’s milk and stories with the warriors. This time the party is more careful about what they tell the warriors. They realize they’ve been drawing attention to themselves and their actions in the hypogeum. The party doesn’t want competition on the ruins.
  • The party asks about Otkar’s wizard Nymandus and the warriors grow quiet. The wizard is disturbing to them. They told of a clan warrior who had been caught spying for Aglant. The clan chiefs and leading warriors were called to Otkar where the spy was tied to a post. Nymandus produced a flask from a box (the party recognized it was the flask they had traded to Nymandus). The wizard poured a grey dust from the flask. The dust formed into the the shape of a man. Nymandus pointed at the prisoner and spoke. The dust man streamed into the mouth and nostrils of the prisoner. He writhed and screamed in pain for several minutes until his voice gave out and he died. His face was fixed in a silent scream of horror! The warriors shivered in disgust.
  • The ladies had not participated in the revelry and insisted on keeping their own company. They were not polite in their refusal.
  • A group of dogmen were sighted the next day but no contact was initiated by either party.
  • The party arrived at Vitallis’ compound. His minotaur guards summoned the sorcerer’s assistant who conveyed the message that the party had arrived. The great ox came out to meet his visitors, pleasantries were exchanged and business conducted.
  • The party told Vitallis about the Melgara and he agreed to speak with them. The party let them know and the Melgara exited the wagon. Andora apparently communicated with Vitallis as he smiled and immediately opened his door to them. The five of them filled into his house and he shut the door, completely ignoring the party.
  • Feeling as though they might not be getting any further attention from the sorcerer, the party made camp and planned their next move.

I use Rocketbook with the “snapcast” feature for my online gaming. I draw the scene, scan it with my phone, and share the image via a link provided by the Rocketbook app or over Skype. This is similar to the way I run my in person games by mapping on a regular piece of graph paper.

I use the Rocketbook Flip pictured below. The notebook is erasable and reusable. One side of the page has lines, the other a dotted grid, making it great for drawing dungeon sketches and sharing them with players without all the effort of creating a VTT map, fussing with dynamic lighting and fog of war.

If you are interested in checking out Rocketbook products, here is an affiliate link. If you buy something, I get paid a little bit of money for recommending the product at no extra cost to you.

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