You’re Right

I’ve been reading the recently published This is Marketing by Seth Godin. A passage I read yesterday had been bouncing around in my mind. Actually, a lot of the ideas in that book have been sticking around lately. Good book. Anyway, here is the concept I’ve been thinking about.

People behaive a certain way or believe certain things based on who they are, what they want and what they know. Other people are not you, they want different things and the know different things you don’t know. They’ve experience things that you have not experienced and so they are right within the context of these experiences.

This creates an opportunity to be kind, empathetic and get to the root of why someone at your table might be doing something that creates problems or why your campaign or adventure is not resonating with your players. They may be right, in the context of their experiences and their beliefs about games and gaming. If we start, as game masters, with the premise you’re right and have a conversation with your player(s) to discover what they want and what they believe and thus understand why they are right.

From there, you as the game master can decide whether what they want is right in your context. If it isn’t then you can decide that you aren’t the right fit for the group or the group or parts of the group are not the right fit for your campaign.


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